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Provided legal services


We specialize in providing following legal services:
  • Litigation at all levels of the court system, including the Supreme Court, Supreme Administrative Court and Constitutional Court.
  • Representation in administrative proceedings
  • Drafting of contracts, other documents and petitions
  • Drafting of legal analysys
  • Providing legal advice
  • Debt recovery in/out of court
  • Other forms of legal assistance

We specialize in the following fields of law

Business law

  • Practice and forms of business activity by natural and legal persons including foreign businesses.
  • Full service in setting up a company, incorporation, transformation and termination of companies.
  • Complete service in organizing and managing general meetings, including the preparation of all necesseary documents and corresponding acts.
  • Submissions to the Companies Register
  • Squeeze-out
  • Company transformations, M&A including proceedings before competition authorities
  • Legal assistance to cooperatives, exclusion of coop members, delimitation of property of exempt coops, administration of member meetings and meetings of representatives
  • Proceedings berofe the Trades Licensing Office, Building Office, Revenue Authority and other public administration offices
  • Proceedings before the Companies Register
  • Law of obligations (obligations, securing of obligations and their recovery including execution)
  • Stocks and bonds (interim certificates, shares, cheques, bills of exchange)
  • Equity contracts, public placement of equities (registration) and their withdrawal
  • Bills of exchange – maturity and payment, sanctions, protests

Civil Law

  • Real estate, drafting of purchase/sales contracts,mortage agreements, donation agreements, proceedings before the Land Registration Office
  • Housing law, relations to housing units, setting up of community of unit owners in accordance with the Housing Unit Ownership Act
  • Rental and other relations to housing units and non-residential premises
  • Limitation of marital property contracts, distribution of marital property, divorce proceedings
  • Assistance in inheritance proceedings including cross-border assistance
  • Libel issues and replies in accordance with the Press Act
  • Law of obligations (obligations, securing of obligations and their recovery including execution
  • Torts and defect liability

Intelectual property law

  • Software copyright
  • Patents, designs and other IP rights
  • Trade marks

Labor law

  • Relations between emploers and employees
  • Notice from/immediate termination of the emplyement contract
  • Relations from employment and similar contracts
  • Recovery of damages caused by employee/employer

Bankruptcy law

  • Credit claims in bankruptcy proceedings
  • Filing for bankruptcy, proposal of bankruptcy
  • Dealing with trustees
  • Advice on the specifics of bankruptcy proceedings

Other fields of law

  • Administrative law and representation in administrative proceedings before Trades Licensing Offices, Building Offices, Revenue Authorities and other public administration offices
  • Assistance in customs proceedings
  • Judicial review of administrative decisions
  • Constitutional law including constitutional complaints
  • International private and public law

When providing legal services we closely cooperate with experts from related fields, especially executors, notaries, tax advisors, accountants, court listed experts and public auction officers

The result of this cooperation is a complex and professional solution for every client